• Need Assessment

Need Assessment

With strong capacity of team who worked in development and government sectors and many years of experience of designing, planning, implementing and evaluation: we are providing M&E solutions; monitoring, validation, and evaluation including formative and summative research – both at the program and at the systemic levels. We believe that well informed research and analysis can play an important role in promoting the right ideas and policies to tackle the deep-rooted problems. We strictly adhere to the highest professional, technical, ethical and quality standards. Our consultants provide a multidisciplinary approach to investigate and evaluate changes in environment and society due to natural and anthropogenic influences. We implement rigorous programme audits and post project environmental and social monitoring.  We have skills and experience in the following areas:

  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Conducting research studies, cases studies
  • Piloting of Projects
  • Baseline and End Line Studies
  • Outcome Impact Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Development of Business Plan
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies

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